We at Roers Equipment are proud of our heritage and the story of our company's humble beginning.  Our father, Roman Roers, was a young man who took over his family's farm.  Early on, Roman purchased a threshing machine to harvest his crops but being short of cash he quickly sold it after using it.  The next year he purchased several threshing machines; one to use and the rest to resell. 

Roman enjoyed dealing with people and in 1946 with the help of his wife, Ruth, founded what today is Roers Equipment Inc specializing in the sale of quality farm equipment and tractors.  Although Roman handled all brands of equipment it became obvious that he had a special passion for the International Harvestor line of equipment and especially for the Farmall M tractor.

In the 1960's, Roman saw the need for a source of used parts to help farmers repair their machinery at a reasonable cost.  At that time he decided to expand his business to include the salvaging of tractors and machinery that were not up to the quality standards that would allow them to be sold to his many customers of Roers Equipment.  He believed that it was better to have many people happy because they were able to buy inexpensive parts for their equipment rather than to have one customer who was unhappy with the purchase of an inferior quality piece of equipment.  Today Roers Equipment has one of the oldest farm equipment salvage yards in the state!

In 1987 Roman retired (at least that is what he told everyone!) and Roers Equipment continued under the operation of his sons. As farming evolved so did Roers Equipment, expanding to include the sale of non agricultural items such as cargo trailers and auction toppers.

Today his sons, Glenn and Rodney, carry on the traditions started by their father and mother.

Farming has certainly changed throughout our 77 years of continuous family operation as has the type of equipment used.  Roers Equipment is pleased to be here today to help with the agricultural needs of today's farmers and hobbyists.

In a world full of changes; our commitment to farmers and farm equipment enthusiasts has remained the same as it was going back to the sale of that first threshing machine sold so many years ago!